To see full size screenshot, please click on the thumbnail.

WhitehorseYTdetail.gif (41160 bytes) Whitehorse (detail) YT

WhitehorseYToverview.gif (45395 bytes) Whitehorse (overview) YT

The first two screenshots (above) show an overview and a detail section of Whitehorse. In detail section (zoomed in) all of the streets have names. In overview, names disappear from the screen. 

The screenshots below are of areas requested by readers. The  screenshots were taken at zoom level arbitrarily picked by me therefore they may or may not show all the street names. In fact, some of them may not even show all of the streets that would pop on the screen if the map was zoomed in even further.

hintonab.gif (38025 bytes) Hinton AB

FortMcMurrayAB.gif (38206 bytes) Fort McMurray AB

KamloopsBC.gif (32282 bytes) Kamloops BC

Victoria_SaanichBC.gif (45705 bytes) Saanich (Victoria) BC

NanaimoBC.gif (47916 bytes) Nanaimo BC

ReedLakeMB.gif (26041 bytes) Reed Lake MB

SaintJohnNB.gif (47961 bytes) Saint John NB

StJohnsNF.gif (54144 bytes) St. John's NF

YellowknifeNWT.gif (39970 bytes) Yellowknife NWT

trurons.gif (54029 bytes) Truro NS

IqaluitNU.gif (30045 bytes) Iqualuit NU

CochraneON.gif (30891 bytes) Cochrane ON

EagleLake2ON.gif (31039 bytes) Eagle Lake (2) ON

EagleLakeON.gif (27366 bytes) Eagle Lake ON

nairnon1.gif (30981 bytes) Nairn ON

NairnON1zoomout.gif (36594 bytes) Nairn ON (zoom out)

SainAugustinPQ.gif (50393 bytes) Saint-Augustin PQ

TignishPEI.gif (26961 bytes) Tignish PEI

MooseJawSK.gif (52966 bytes) Moose Jaw SK

GreenwoodNS.gif (35122 bytes) Greenwood NS

NanaimoBC.gif (47916 bytes) Nanaimo BC

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